Hi everyone!

My name is Amy and I wanted to first say thanks for taking to the time to come over and take a look at my first ever blog!!! I want this blog to be all about family, kids, the home and just life as a mom. Like so many other families out there, we are just trying to get by and raise our kids the best we can. I’ve learned a lot of things over the years that I hope to share with you on this blog.

A little about me and my fam….

I am a stay at home mama of 5 amazing children with my husband, Billy. I am the proud bio mama of three girls, Aniyah 10, Alexis 7, and Nadia 2. While also a proud step mama of Aneisa 12, and Tremain 9. So I guess we have what they call a “blended” family, but it just feels like one big happy one!  We have a lot going on at our house.  We juggle my husband’s work schedule, school, after school activities, play dates, concerts and all the other things that come with having four kids in elementary and middle school. Not to mention a toddler!

Of course there are times when I feel like I’m going crazy and have left my mind somewhere. And so I want this to be a place other moms can come to and hopefully enjoy a little escape back to sanity! I want to be able to tell my day to day stories, give a little advice, share some awesome things I’ve learned and maybe help another mom out there.

So lets do this…..