If you’re new to my blog (congratulations and thank you so much!) I want to let you know a little about it and why I started it.

Treasured Tribe is a place I have made to bring together the parents of the world!

This blog is about family, life and home. The majority of it is things that have to do with our kids! I like to tell other moms (and dads) about products I have tried and love, valuable lessons I’ve learned while raising my own kids, ways to help you get through these tough parenting years at every stage in our kids lives. I like to blog about ways to help save you money while feeding them and ways to entertain them without spending a ton of money.

Pretty much if it has to do with kids, I got something to say! 🙂

I have searched the web countless times looking for advice on so many topics of parenting. From how to get a baby to sleep in their own bed (still working on my toddler to do this!) to what age should a kid get their own phone. While reading through all the articles out there and getting some great information, I wanted more. I wanted to talk to other moms, I didn’t just want the “experts” opinions. Cause parents are the experts when in comes to kids.

So I created this site so we can get some advice, make some friends and just have the support that we so desperately need sometimes.

 I hope that Treasured Tribe can be your one stop shop to help you answer some of questions, get some valuable advice, and help you be the parent you want to be.

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